Tower scaffolding

Tower scaffolding is a special type of scaffolding we specialise in. If you require scaffolding for work which is taking place in a small, high rise area, then our tower scaffolding may be the right option for the job.

When working on tower scaffolding here at Able 1 scaffolding Ltd, we fully measure the building before estimating how many scaffolding components and pieces we will need in order to create a tower scaffolding structure which will fit safely and soundly around the building or structure to ensure high levels of safety at all times for our scaffolders, the general public and any other tradesmen which may work alongside us.

Tower scaffolding is often used for the replacement of individual roof tiles or small repairs, as well as the installation of high rise windows, drainage or any other small, high up exterior repairs or decoration. This means that we are often working alongside other local tradesmen who specialise in a specific trade.

Our tower scaffolders are more than happy to assist other local tradesmen with their work and will be fast and efficient together to ensure that our customers' expectations are met and exceeded every time. Our customer’s opinions and expectations are very important to us as we always aim to give 110% in all of the work we complete to ensure efficiency and safety throughout the project.